Our Story

In the Beginning

The seeds of Sedgwick’s Charcuterie were sown many years ago with possibly the most romantic Christmas present ever - a sausage stuffer! Initially buying pork from friends, we experimented with many a homemade sausage. Our recipes gradually became more complex and, following family holidays to mainland Europe, we began to incorporate European charcuterie methods into our sausage making and cures. Our trips to France, Germany and Andalucia gave us inspiration to try different techniques and recipes, and we were soon making air dried hams, chorizos and salamis at home.

The next step - and a huge one at that - was quitting the day jobs and moving to our current smallholding where we could raise our own pigs, as well as grow most of our own veg, and rear chickens, ducks and guinea fowl for eggs and meat. Following a few more tasting trips to Europe - including a week touring the Artisan Norcini (pork butchers) of Tuscany - we took the step to convert an outbuilding into a butchery and curing cave so we could begin to make and sell our own charcuterie.

Our Products

We have developed our recipes to both respect and enhance the flavour of the pork. While the starting point for our recipes is undoubtedly on the continent (building on the charcuterie traditions of France, Italy and Spain), we also aim to introduce and incorporate British traditions and flavours into our products. Provenance is key to us; all the herbs used for flavourings are fresh from our smallholding, the cider in the cider salami is made by us with our own apples and the honey in our cures is from our own bees.

Our pigs are all 100% free range and live in either meadow paddocks or small areas of native woodland. Their welfare is really important to us and the pigs habitat is constantly rotated, depending on the season, so that they always have access to plenty of fresh forage. We supplement their diet with nuts, windfall fruit and veg tops, in season, all from our smallholding. This approach, together with only ever rearing traditional British rare breeds produces a much slower growing pig, but with a much deeper flavour than many commercial breeds. We think it also produces a much happier pig!

We also buy locally sourced, ethically reared beef for our bresaola, and locally shot, wild venison when it’s in season. We rear our own free range Aylesbury ducks and the rabbit we use is wild and shot on our smallholding.

We do all of our butchery on site at Sedgwick’s Charcuterie HQ, a former outbuilding that looks out over the pig paddocks. We use the whole pig - it is essential to us that nothing goes to waste. All our cures and spices are blended by hand and mixed generously into the pork which is then dried in our curing room to let the flavours develop over time.

A selection of our charcuterie is available for sale on this website. We are constantly developing new products and flavours, our full range of seasonal products is available direct at our farmers markets and events. Please see the stockists page for more info.

What Our Customers Say