Enjoying our Products


Our sliced meats are supplied sealed. While our meat is 100% safe to be sent at ambient temperature through the post we recommend keeping our products in the fridge. Once opened eat the slices quickly as they do tend to dry out – we find this normally isn’t a problem! Re-sealing the pack with clingfilm or greaseproof paper works well. Any whole salamis or whole meats should be kept in the fridge wrapped in greaseproof paper or in a Tupperware type container.

Serving Suggestions

Our products make great lunches, starters or appetisers - normally a hunk of good bread, a drizzle of olive oil and a glass of good wine is all you need. Ripe fruit in season is a good partner to most of our pork products. All our products are great on pizza. Bresaola makes a great salad with rocket/mustard leaves, grated parmesan and some good olive oil. Alternatively any charcuterie makes a great addition to a cheese board. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you are enjoying our products.